Saturday, September 10, 2011

Introducing, Sonnet Saturday

Music mellows my sanity, poetry runs through my veins...
...and through sight and sound secretes a tranquill release with limitless bounds...

Combining my love of all things art, I've decided to dedicate Saturday's to poetry. 
((Introducing 'Sonnet Saturday's)) 

In my adolescent years I remember school house rock, the transformers, the thunder cats and eating a bowl full of apple jacks 7 o’clock on Saturday morning; and now in my lifes chapter of adulthood I wake up and tune out to classics like never before; Nina Simone, Smokey Robinson, Sade, Prince, Teena Marie, Jimi Hendrix... 

Music and poetry go hand-in-hand, think about it, the full lyrics, a hook (or) bridge can be so eloquently phrased/worded that it'll bring about a mental pleasure that can only be appreciated by those who can truly understand... the power of words!

:Poets and poetry lovers; snap yo' fingers and hold your lighters up:

((Lauryn 'L-Boogie' Hill / Motives & Thoughts)) 

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